Definitely one of the most engaging talks we’ve listened to on the subject and also very informative.

My favorite quote out of this talk is definitely when Elon is trying to explain the difference between Large Language Models and normal conventional development. He states that possibilities with an LLM are way more with the responses in a comma seperated file (CSV).

So you meaning to tell me that our digital God is just a CSV file

Elon Musk – Referring to large data models unlike conventional programs if this then that.

They talk about government involvement in keeping AI safe by having them first test these models before allowing it on the open market. Elon Musk has been warning everyone about his fears of safety concerns with AI and it seems like people are finally taking note of this.

It’s also very refreshing to see that the Prime Minister of Britain is well versed in the topic. You can see his passion for what is possible with AI as he explains about the success they are having with deploying AI in their UK.GOV website.

The talk considers the good and the bad. They also talk about AI for education, and highlighted the point that everyone can have their own AI companion which can grow with you and teach you anything you want. If the AI has got memory of everything that ever happened in your life then this can be an amazing companion that maybe even knows you better than you know yourself.

We currently use very basic AI in website projects for support queries and obviously for content creation and self learning as well. We are very excited about the future of AI and think the good will outweigh the bad. That is why AI security is now more important than anything else at the stage we are at.

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