We understand the importance of having great images for your content. Our graphic designers in South Africa will create amazing graphics for your website, social posts, marketing and all business related design requirements.

Stand out from your competitors and be pixel perfect with innovative design work that speaks directly to your customer.

We have an organic approach to creative design. Your marketing designs need to communicate and visualize an emotive response to your exact target audience. It is a delicate balance between form and function. We also offer a complete branding service to new and existing companies.

With over 18 years of experience in designing for multiple platforms including screen and print we will have your graphics, layouts, icons and all other design requirements designed to absolute perfection.

Whatever your design requirements are, we have you covered. See a list of some of the graphic design services that we offer our clients.

Graphic Design Services Overview

Graphic Design Services South Africa

Print Graphic Designs

Business Stationery – Advertising

Our team of graphic designers will design amazing graphics for all your print adverts. We design your adverts at print ready resolution and colour system and we deal with your printing company in order to get the bleed amounts correct for optimal printing. Whatever your advert design requirements are – we will deliver.

Website Graphics

Design and Optimise Website Images

We will design custom graphics for all the different sections in your website. Images will convey a clear message on topic and related to your actual text content. We also optimise your images for best search results. Images are one of the biggest issues when it comes to search engine optimisation. We use our years of experience to optimise all images

Graphic Design Websites South Africa
Graphic Design for Social Media South Africa

Social Media Graphics

Custom Graphics For your Social Networks

Creating custom graphics for your social posts is a good way of also branding your company throughout all your social profiles. We will also create all the different dimensions for all the different social networks. We design the graphics at the correct dimensions for different types of posts. Our graphic designers will also ensure that your profile images and banners are all properly branded and optimised over all your social profiles.

Contact us for all your web, print and social graphic design requirements.

Some Graphic Design Stats


Years Experience


Image Designs


Logos Designed


Design Variations

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services South Africa
  • Logo / Corporate Identity
  • Website Image Design and Optimisation
  • Business Stationery
  • Social Media Designs
  • Print Advertising
  • Custom Icons
  • Invites
  • Reports
  • Style Guides
  • Packaging and Stickers
  • And much more…

Case Studies

We have done numerous case studies for the different services that we offer and customers in various industries.

Custom Graphics – Social Media
Branding Agency South Africa

CLIENT : Ahadi Pay

We created custom graphics for our clients social networks and it increased their fan-base 6 fold over 4 weeks and a 215% engagement increase. We also created product demonstration animations.

Website Graphics – Optimisation
eCommerce Web Designers South Africa

CLIENT : Digital Resource

We designed and optimised images on their website. After optimisation the website loaded 4.5 times faster, 48% increase in speed test and increased google search rank from page 8 to page 1. This also included SEO and image optimisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get. Contact our Graphic Designers if you need more information regarding our Graphic Design Services.

Do you design custom graphics for my website?
Website Graphic Design Agency South Africa

Yes, we specialise in graphics for websites. We also optimise all images for optimal search results as well as design the graphics at the correct resolutions for all devices.

Can you design a logo for my business?
Logo Design Agency South Africa

Yes, we can most definitely design a logo that portrays your business in a visual manner. With 18 years experience we really know how to do it well. Check out our branding services for more information. We can also design a complete brand guideline for your business including all your stationery requirements.

Do you optimise images for websites?
Image Optimisation

We specialise in optimising graphics for websites. There are multiple things that goes into optimising media (images, animations and video) for websites. We also offer a complete search engine optimisation service.

Can you design print adverts?
Print Graphic Design Agency South Africa

Yes, we design print adverts with the correct colour systems, paper bleed amounts and professional design elements. We also keep to your brand guidelines so that your advertising and brand looks the same everywhere you advertise. We have 18 years experience in designing successful ad campaigns.

Can you design graphics for my business vehicles?
Vehicle Graphic Designer South Africa

Yes, we have designed graphics for all types of vehicles. We design graphics in vector format that can be scaled to any size. If you need graphics for your small car or your massive trucks we can assist you in getting your vehicles branded professionally.

Do you create graphics for social media marketing?
Social Media Graphic Designs South Africa

Yes, we offer a complete social media marketing service. We also create custom graphics, animations and videos for your social posts. You can read more about our social media marketing service.

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