We offer reliable, high performance hosting services for any online business. With a stable network and SSD storage, we ensure that your website stays up, fast and secure.

All our hosting services includes free SSL saving you thousands annually. We offer secure hosting as a pre-requisite for our security services. We can also register any domain name with hundreds of TLD’s available. (.com .co.za .net and hundreds more)

All hosting packages have unlimited traffic allowance and 100 free email accounts @ your domain. We offer the latest in server software including PHP8 & MySQL. We can also host node applications with amazing fast Global Edge Network – Deploy content around the world and update it in 300ms.

Secure Hosting Service

We also offer wda.cloud technology with 20 Tbps Capacity and 154 Data Centers Global Footprint. Serving your data to visitors in some cases 5X faster than standard shared hosting.

We work closely with you every step of the way and we ensure that your website is running at optimal speed and is always delivered to your visitors.

Hosting Services Overview

World Class Servers

Hosting with serious attitude

We have partnered with world leaders in hosting server providers with the best possible hardware available. With SSD storage, caching and content delivery networks we ensure that your website is served super fast to anyone at any time. With our additional optimisation service your website has got a much better chance of ranking well in search engines.

Hosting Website and Email South Africa
Domain Registrations South Africa

Custom Domain Names

Get the right Domain Name – 100’s Available

If you search for domain names today it is very difficult to get the exact one that you want. There are many things to consider when registering a domain name and we will assist you with all of them. We can register over 100 different domains for any industry and location. Our team ensures that your hosting and domain name is always working with excellent performance. We also assist with setting your website up on a content delivery network (cdn) for optimal performance.


Business Email

Create unlimited Business Addresses

We will create any custom email address @ yourdomain for you and supply you with step by step documentation on how to set it up on all your devices. We supply up to a 100 free email accounts with any domain you register. You can also access your email accounts via our web portal or set it up on any mail client using IMAP or POP.

Hosting Business Email South Africa
WordPress Hosting South Africa

WordPress Hosting

Specialised WordPress Hosting

We have been working with WordPress since the early days of development. Our founder is a contributor to the WordPress open source project. We know how to make a WordPress website run at the best possible setup not only with optimisation but also server configuration. We offer a specialised WordPress hosting solution which will ensure your website perform at optimal conditions. Get in touch with us today if you have a WordPress website and need better performance out of it.

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Hosting and Domain Services

Best Hosting Services South Africa
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Hosting Services
  • Custom Email Solutions
  • Specialised WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting – CDN (154 Data Centers)
  • Free SSL (https)
  • Server Side Security
  • Latest Software – PHP8 & MySQL
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • SSD Storage

Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get. Contact Website and Email Hosting if you need more information regarding our Hosting Services.

Where is your data centre located?
Hosting Data Centre South Africa

Our main data centre is located in Cape Town, South Africa. We do however use a proper content delivery network with servers all over the globe and serve your website from a server that is closest to the website visitors location.

How many different domain names can you register?
Domain Registrations South Africa

We can register over a 100 different top-level domains (tld’s). Form the most common .com, .net, .co.za to more specific ones like .africa, .agency, .club etc. Get in touch with us to see if we can register the domain that you want.

How many email addresses can I create per domain?
Business Email Solutions South Africa

You can create up to a 100 different email accounts at your domain. You can access your email accounts via our web portal or set it up on any email client as IMAP or POP.

Do you have a traffic limit on your hosting service?

All our hosting packages have unlimited traffic allowance. We have no limits on the amount of traffic your website and emails can receive.

How do I access wda.hosting services?
Hosting Services South Africa

Once you registered a domain you will get full access to a control panel that you can access on any web browser. You are able to manage email accounts, databases, ftp users and more server settings.

How much does it cost for hosting and domain names?
Hosting Services Costs

This will depend on your domain name and custom hosting requirements. Get in touch with us so that we can supply you with a quote for all our hosting services.

How do I get started with your hosting service?
Get started with Hosting Services

Contact us now so that we can get you started with our hosting services. We will register and set everything up for you.

Who do you partner with?

We have multiple hosting and domain registration partners. Two of our main partners with cdn’s are CloudFlare and Vercel. Both offer world class services.