In this keynote Google announces some amazing new features to their products. They also promise a re-development on all their products thanks to the advancement of AI Developers and Large Training Models.

Below is a quick recap on what they discuss. Watch the video below.

AI in their products

“Help me write” in Gmail

There are some great examples of how generative AI is helping to evolve our products, starting with Gmail. In 2017, we launched Smart Reply, short responses you could select with just one click. Next came Smart Compose, which offered writing suggestions as you type. Smart Compose led to more advanced writing features powered by AI. They’ve been used in Workspace over 180 billion times in the past year alone. And now, with a much more powerful generative model, we’re taking the next step in Gmail with “Help me write.”

New Immersive View for routes in Maps

Since the early days of Street View, AI has stitched together billions of panoramic images, so people can explore the world from their device. At last year’s I/O we introduced Immersive View, which uses AI to create a high-fidelity representation of a place, so you can experience it before you visit.

A new Magic Editor experience in Photos

Another product made better by AI is Google Photos. We introduced it at I/O in 2015, and it was one of our first AI-native products. Breakthroughs in machine learning made it possible to search your photos for things like people, sunsets or waterfalls.

Making AI more helpful for everyone

From Gmail and Photos to Maps, these are just a few examples of how AI can help you in moments that matter. And there’s so much more we can do to deliver the full potential of AI across the products you know and love.

PaLM 2 and Gemini

PaLM 2 builds on our fundamental research and our latest infrastructure. It’s highly capable at a wide range of tasks and easy to deploy. We are announcing more than 25 products and features powered by PaLM 2 today.

AI responsibility: Tools to identify generated content

As we invest in more capable models, we are also deeply investing in AI responsibility. That includes having the tools to identify synthetically generated content whenever you encounter it.

Updates to Bard and Workspace

As models get better and more capable, one of the most exciting opportunities is making them available for people to engage with directly.

That’s the opportunity we have with Bard, our experiment for conversational AI, which we launched in March. We’ve been rapidly evolving Bard. It now supports a wide range of programming capabilities, and it’s gotten much smarter at reasoning and math prompts.

Introducing Labs and our new Search Generative Experience

As AI continues to improve rapidly, we’re focused on giving helpful features to our users. And starting today, we’re giving you a new way to preview some of the experiences across Workspace and other products. It’s called Labs. I say new, but Google has a long history of using Labs as a way to enable early access and get feedback, and you can start signing up today.

Supercharging Search with generative AI

We’re starting with an experiment in Search Labs called SGE, Search Generative Experience, which uses generative AI.

Making it easy for others to innovate

AI is not only a powerful enabler, it’s also a big platform shift. Every business and organization is thinking about how to drive transformation. That’s why we’re focused on making it easy and scalable for others to innovate with AI.

Driving progress with Android

Our bold and responsible approach to AI can unlock people’s creativity and potential. We also want to make sure this helpfulness reaches as many people as possible. We do that through our computing platforms like Android, and today we shared how advancements in AI can make your phone even more personal, including Magic Compose, Cinematic Wallpapers and Generative AI Wallpapers.

What’s new in the Android ecosystem

At Google I/O 2023, we shared the latest in the Android ecosystem, alongside new AI-powered features that make your phone uniquely yours.

Introducing new Pixel devices for your pocket and home

We are also introducing the Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet for a complete ecosystem of AI-powered devices engineered by Google. The Pixel 7a is available for purchase starting today, and pre-orders are open now for Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.

Building the future together

I’ve been reflecting on the big technology shifts that we’ve all been a part of. The shift with AI is as big as they come and that’s why it’s so important that we make AI helpful for everyone.

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