We have seen quite a massive increase in businesses losing data due to our electricity issues (loadshedding) and crime (break-ins) in South Africa. Having your business configured for cloud storage is an essential requirement.

In this post we will discuss why every business should consider cloud storage instead of external hard drive, off-site backups or anything similar to what a lot of businesses are still doing.

Cloud Storage South Africa

You may be well aware of the term, but unaware of exactly what it means – so, what is cloud storage? Essentially, cloud storage is a way of storing data off-premise simply and securely.

With cloud storage, your data is stored on servers housed in third-party data centers. Cloud storage takes away the requirement to purchase physical data storage solutions, and instead enables you to store your data online – off site. 

There are several business benefits to cloud storage, including cost efficiency, security, accessibility, and scalability.

From a business perspective, cloud storage is a very attractive alternative to traditional data storage, such as on-premise servers and portable hard drives and the like.

Why Consider Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Scalability

Many businesses may want to start small in terms of data storage, and increase the size of their solution as they grow. Another major draw to cloud storage solutions is the ability to scale the service depending on your needs. Scalability is a major consideration for businesses in all sectors, and along with factors like the number of staff members and the size of business premises, data storage must be scalable too. 

Cloud Storage Availability

Data stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time from anywhere, and by anyone with the authorized credentials to do so. With our cloud storage, files are always up to date and can be accessed from any compatible device. As well as simplifying your data storage, our cloud storage will make your data more accessible, too.

This brings tremendous flexibility to your organization, and means you don’t have to be in the office to access the data you need.

Cloud Storage Security 

Security is a top priority and securing against the most advanced cyber threats is a must have especially if you store customer data, business information or any sensitive data. No matter how much time and money you pour into an on-premise security solution for your data storage, it’s unlikely to match the security of our cloud data storage providers. Our cloud storage services offer a level of security that’s hard to beat. 

Cloud Storage Partners
Business Cloud Storage South Africa

We partner with the best cloud storage providers available. Some of our partners include Google Cloud, Dropbox, Microsoft and a few other bespoke services.

Cloud Hosting

We also offer a complete cloud hosting solution to clients for Website Testing, Node Applications and other development operations. Our main cloud hosting partner is with Vercel and Github for Code storage. Contact our team for more information on how we can assist your business with cloud services.


There are a wide range of benefits to choosing cloud storage over traditional hardware solutions. You’ll save money, make your data more accessible, scale with ease, and benefit from increased security.

It makes business sense to make the switch from on-premise alternatives, especially if you deal with a lot of data. 

We offer cloud storage services to businesses in South Africa.

With a better understanding of cloud storage technology, you can optimize the storage solution you need to run your business more effectively. We can assist your business with getting your data on the cloud with ease. Contact us today for more information.


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