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Legal Pages

Privacy Policy – This page describes our privacy policy and everything related to our users privacy and how we deal with user details etc.

Terms and Conditions – This page describes in detail all the terms and conditions for our website use and additional information related to copyright and data.

If you need any additional information regarding any of our services please contact our legal team. They will gladly assist you and point you in the right direction.

Services We Offer

We offer a whole range of digital design, development, marketing, optimisation, hosting and cloud storage services. You can read more about each of these services below.

Virtual Employee Team

WDA Digital is a full stack team with over 18 years experience in the services that we offer. Instead of hiring an in house developer, designer or marketer you can employ our team at a fraction of the cost.c

WordPress Specialists

Our team are specialists with WordPress. We offer a whole range of specialised WordPress service. Get in touch for more information.